The Yellow Boat sails into theatre


Dan Ledbetter

Juniors Mason Taylor, Allie Brown, and Elsa Benson are featured in the photo. The set for the show is fairly simple and also versatile. The silks used in the play are featured in the background.

Sydney Weiss, Staff Writer

The Yellow Boat is a play written by David Saar. It is about David and Sonja Saar’s son Benjamin Saar.

Freshman Adam Pelberg said, “The show is about a little boy who is diagnosed with hemophilia… He copes with his disorder through his unique and intriguing drawings. Eventually, the boy is diagnosed with AIDS…”

Tickets for the show and information for upcoming SHS shows can be found at the Aves Theatre website . The play will be performed Nov. 5-7 starting at 7:30 p.m. each night in the main auditorium.

Sophomore Ben Swart said, “It is a very sad but very beautiful show.”

The play features actors from one of the two acting ensemble classes. The class is available to students who have completed Intro to Acting and give an accepted audition.

The cast for this particular show is comprised of sophomores and juniors. Students of other grades and classes are utilized backstage or helping with technology for the show.

Sophomore Kate McNamara-Marsland said, “Being in the cast I have learned so much about what is is like for a young kid to have such a difficult disease. It really helps me to appreciate everything I have.”

Some of the actors in the show have been forced out of their comfort zones to perform in ways unlike they have ever before.

Pelberg also said, “Everyone should come see it!”

Tickets are available online, during lunch, and at the door before the show.

As the director Mr. John Whapham tends to say, “Be there or be rhombus.”