Earlier exams: hurtful or helpful for students

Sydney Evans

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May 21, 2018

Sydney Evans

Exam week starts Tuesday Dec. 14 and end on a Friday Dec.17. Students must attend every exam bell regardless of if they’re taking an exam in that class or not. Most exams in Sycamore have a multiple choice section which can range from 10 questions to a hundred.

This year Sycamore High School decided to change our schedule so that students would take their semester exams before winter break. I believe this change will ultimately be a good thing and will help student in their academic career.
However in moving exams so that they fall before winter break, student will not have the extra two week break to study.
I remember seeing my sister stress over her exams, which fell after winter break in past years, and never enjoying being with family and friends.
Plus either student will study over break and stress themselves out too much or they will not study at all and hurt their exam grades.
Having the exams before a break ensures that the student will still be studying the topics on the exam right before taking the exam and will be in contact with their teacher and more classmates.
This will ensure that anything the student doesn’t understand they can ask about and although we lose those two weeks of studying, we gain a real break. No longer will student have to stress about studying, but now they can enjoy a break before returning to school.
Student will be able to enjoy time with their families instead of stressing over school and also when they return will have an extra two weeks in the second quarter.
This will also help student in the long run because it means they will start second quarter topics earlier and will thus either be able to spend more time on certain topics in a class or have more time at the end of the year to prepare for their final exam.
All in all, moving exams before winter break will be beneficial to the Sycamore students as a whole.