Key to unlocking happiness


Sarah Horne, Broadcast Editor in Chief

  Is the glass half full or half empty? This question has been used to illustrate the difference between optimistic and pessimistic people. But, being pessimistic is not a lot of fun. When more attention is directed at mistakes, and inconveniences focus drifts away from happiness, making people even more unhappy, which only continues making the cycle worse.

But not to fear!  For there are many ways to look at life in an optimistic way.  Here are some quick and easy ways to begin to embrace the special moments in life.


  1. Write down three things you are grateful for:

  Whenever you are feeling down or upset, try thinking of at least three things in your life that you are glad you have. These things can be objects, people, experiences, or activities that have impacted your life in a positive way. Once you start coming up with a few, it will become easier to think of more and you can begin to look at the bright side.


Organize your room:

  You might be thinking this is like a broken record you thought only your parents had, but actually cleaning up a room can help clean up and organize your personal space. This can lead to you feeling more relaxed and organized overall and lead to your life becoming more neat too.


Listen to positive, and upbeat music:  

  Pull out your favorite playlist or turn up the radio and listen to something that will inspire you. Take some time to really listen to the best and positive lyrics, and if you are really feeling like having fun, throw yourself a dance party. Taking a break and listening to something positive can lead to you feeling good and having a happy mood.


Go for a walk:

  Getting up and moving can help release endorphins in order to help you relax and feel happier. Especially try walking outside since it can help inspire you and allow you to enjoy nature’s beauty.


Smile at someone and say ‘Hi’:

  Try going up to an old friend, new friend, or even someone who you have never talked to and give them a nice, warm smile and hello. By doing this you can feel positive and pass on that positive energy to someone else. And who knows, maybe you will find out something new about that person and create or enhance your friendship.


Take a rest day:

  Everyone needs a break here and there. So allow yourself a day to just relax  with some pajamas and a fun movie. Do something that is comfortable and easy for a day in order to forget any chaos around you. By taking a break, you can get a fresh start.



Try setting aside some time to meditate and clear your mind. Though meditation you can ignore any troubles for a little while and focus on feeling calm. This will also allow your body to relax. Click here, for some meditation advice to get started.




Photo courtesy of Sarah Horne