Strange light spotted in Los Angeles

Calliope Osborn

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MCT Photo

This strange light appeared on Nov. 7, 2015 in Southern California. Some claimed the light was a UFO. The Pentagon released a statement confirming the light as a result from a test missile launch.

A strange light appeared in the sky in Southern California on Nov. 7. Immediately, citizens called the police, questioning the glare.

Multiple people claimed it was a UFO flying over the city.

Sophomore Taylor Kyle said, “I saw the picture on Twitter. At first, I thought it was a UFO, but I learned more about it and realized it was just a missile”.

Sophomore Katie Wenzel said, “I don’t believe in aliens, so I knew there had to be a rational explanation.”

Contrary to those who believed it was a UFO, the U.S military confirmed it was a missile test.

The Pentagon said in a statement, “The tests were part of a scheduled, ongoing system evaluation test.”

According to CNN, the Los Angeles International Airport released in their own statement, “The military airspace to the west of LAX will be active for one week, creating traffic route limitations and requiring LAX to temporarily deviate from over-ocean operations.”

The tests will continue until Nov. 12.