Rolling into a new season

Sydney Evans

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May 21, 2018

Sydney Evans

Noa is bowling with the new ball she had drilled for bowling. This was taken at her second practice and during this game it was also the first time she broke 100.

The bowling team started its season at the beginning of Nov. with everyone who tried out making the team. This year the team captains are Sarita Evans and Grace Matther, both juniors.
Matther said “I think the team this year has a lot of talent and once we work on technique the team will only get better.”
They had their first match Nov. 16, winning baker matches, match where you bowl with multiple other people per game, but losing their individual matches.
Although the the team lost their matches overall they continue to practice at Ringo Lanes at least twice a week.
Sophomore Noa Atkins said, “I really like bowling because it’s very relaxing and at the same time it’s a competitive sport.”
Atkins is a first year bowler who used to play basketball for Sycamore. She decided to start bowling when her friend told her about the team.
Atkins said, “I’m really glad that I tried out for bowling. I didn’t realize how many other people were doing it and at first I wasn’t going to. But a bunch of my friends were trying out so I though might as well. I’m glad I did.”