Stress affects emotions



Although students have to live through an excessive amount of stress, there is always a way to balance it out. No matter how difficult the work load can be, there are ways to take one’s mind off of it for a little while and come back to it after some time. Relaxation, along with a good diet, and enough sleep is proven to not only help focus, but also have good health benefits. Photo by Michelle Kerr.

Eshika Kohli, Staff Writer

A recent study shows that too much pressure from academics, work, or even family issues affects the way a person feels. Stress can be caused by anything, from pushing to make a deadline or even an extreme amount of homework which one is dying to finish.

This new field of study is called psychoneuroimmunology. These researchers study the interaction between the immune system and the nervous system.

Freshman Neha Sunil said, “When I’m stressed, I make a big mess out of everything. I feel very panicky all the time thinking about all the stuff I have to do and all the deadlines I have to meet.”

The research shows that non-stop stress can lead to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, thinking problems, personality changes, and problematic behaviors.

Endocrinologist Hans Selye stated, “The term ‘stress’ represents the effects of anything that seriously threatens homeostasis. The actual or perceived threat to an organism is referred to as the ‘stressor’ and the response to the stressor is called the ‘stress response.’”

If stress cannot be managed, it can lead to problems for the body, mood, and in one’s behavior. Examples of these consist of muscle tension or pain, anxiety, lack of motivation or focus, overeating, under eating, or even angry outbursts.

Physiologist Claude Bernard said, “The maintenance of life is critically dependent on keeping our internal milieu constant in the face of a changing environment.”

Although stress is a never ending issue of the human population, there are ways to reduce the problem. Some activities to keep the mind free, and relaxed from pressure can be physical activities such as sports, meditation or yoga, which reduce stress levels for all ages.