Planned Parenthood shooting suspect brought to court


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Over the past few years, criticism regarding Planned Parenthood’s morality spread. Outrage about abortions the clinics provide blew up with the rumor that the clinics not only performed abortions but also sold body parts on the black market. However, abortions are one of multiple things that Planned Parenthood does to assist in sex education and procedures.

Killer Robert Dear’s recent attack in Colorado brought to light the continuing battle between the pro-life and the pro-choice movements. Nine people were wounded, three killed.

Dear, the man behind the killing in the Colorado Springs, Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic recently made his first appearance in court last Monday.

Both Planned Parenthood leadership and conservatives have come together with this issue, agreeing that the attack was an act of domestic terrorism, despite opposing views about the clinics.

Multiple sources agree that the clearly unstable shooter was not advocating for either cause, as killing more people did not further the movement to prevent abortions.

Dear’s ex-wife Barbara Micheau told CNN, “He claims to be a Christian and is extremely evangelistic, but does not follow the Bible in his actions,”

Previously, Dear had been known to glue shut the doors to Planned Parenthood clinics, proving his serious opposition.

Micheau said, “He was very proud of himself that he’d gone over and jammed up their locks with glue so that they couldn’t get in.”

A number of people who knew Dear said he was a clear, hostile abortion opponent. They portrayed him as an angry, violent, and deeply disturbed.

Investigators are continuing to investigate motivations for the killings, interviewing friends and family to further their findings.

Micheau said, “I tried to stick with him and help him through it, but it has become impossible. He constantly criticizes everyone around him and he is very hard to please.”

“He really does not have any friends. He does not trust anyone. He looks for a way around anything he has to do and spends a lot of time planning revenge.”