Standing up to stress

Standing up to stress

Sarah Horne, Broadcast Editor in Chief

  Stress can seem overbearing. With so much to do and so little time to do it, it seems stress can turn into a constant feeling.

  But, constant stress can be difficult to live with everyday without a break. Additionally, stress can lead to many physical and mental health problems.

 So for everyone who is looking for a way to reduce or relieve day to day stress, here are a few tips to help lead you into a more relaxed life.


Consider your social life: As high school students we are constantly being asked if we know what we want to do in college. What profession we would enjoy, and told to do what makes us happy.

  However, have you ever had a class on a subject that is not particularly your favorite, but the teacher was amazing and the students were your friends and so it became fun? This is just like your social life.

  If you see people day to day who build you up and make life enjoyable, your stress will be a lot less than if you are surrounded by people who constantly complicate your day.

  Take time to talk to those who you care about and who care about you. Also, you do not have to block out everyone else in the world if they are not your best friend. Try taking time to talk to those you do not normally get to know or be kind to those who might not always act the same way back.

  This can help you build a more positive social life, and by doing so, create a positive environment for those around you.


Love yourself:  No matter where you go in life, you have to go everywhere with one person: yourself. So you might as well be spending all your time with someone who builds you up instead of someone who constantly tears you down.

  If you mess up and think, “I can’t do anything right” you will go on feeling miserable. However, if you think “ okay I messed up, but what can I do it fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again” you will go on feeling better about yourself and your ability to achieve.  

  Initial thoughts can be difficult to control. But, after a negative initial thought you stop and reevaluate, which can help to make it easier to think clearly and reduce stress.

  Also, having a more positive internal voice toward yourself, can create a more positive internal voice toward others around you. This can help lead to a more optimistic and healthy life.


Procrastinate procrastination: Put off procrastination for another day, for it is a big stressor. We all do it, put off assignments, or tasks we do not like until the last minute. However, procrastination causes a lot of unnecessary stress, and is repeated every time we procrastinate.

  Instead of putting off what you can do to today for tomorrow. try and gets parts of big projects done a little everyday, or do annoying tasks first.

  This might seem impossible, but once it is done, it is  done, and the stress and negative feeling that goes along with that task also goes away, leaving you less stressed.

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