First Chinese club meeting chooses advisors


Ning Zhang.

The Chinese officers of the year were chosen. president of Chinese club is senior Christopher Seger with vice president, junior Matthew Schuetz. Junior Jannan Sivaruban is the public relations officer, senior Abigail McGowan is co-vice president, juniors Lisa Zhou and Megan Combs are the secretaries, and juniors Orchid Wang and Amy Deng are the treasurers.

Amy Deng, staff writer

The culture of China is very unique and rich with history. Ranging from tea ceremonies to kite making, Chinese club offers a variation of activities for participants to learn more about the Chinese culture and significance.

Junior Matthew Schuetz said, “We will be doing a lot of fun activities this year centered around Chinese culture, therefore it is important to keep an open mind and recognize cultures different from our own.”

Some of the activities include: Calligraphy, Chinese instruments, kite making, tea ceremony, Chinese movies, Chinese games

Senior Abigail McGowan said, “As vice president of Chinese club, I coordinate with my peers to provide a taste of authentic Chinese culture.”

Chinese club is open for anyone interested in Chinese culture and history and is a good place to meet new people.

McGowan said, “We have a traditional tea ceremony, Chinese brush painting, kite flying, and much more.”

Officers are chosen to represent and oversee the meetings. The meetings fall every other Friday where the charge for guests is two dollars and the charge for members is five dollars.