Mock try-als out competition


Photo by Jenna Bao

Sophomore Adam Meller, attorney on the Green mock trial team, works on writing his speech and finalizing things before competition. Mock trial requires work and time otuside of practice. Coaches emphasize that the experience is based on how much each member of the team is willing to dedicate.

Jenna Bao, Associate Editor

As the chess season comes to a close and other winter sports kick into gear, another intense winter activity is also starting its competition season. While not exactly a sport, mock trial still has practices and competitions, the first of which is taking place Sun. Dec 13.
Freshman Isabella Miles said, “I’m very nervous because I am new to this, but I’m definitely excited because I’m prepared and ready for whatever will come my way.”
Sycamore’s Green and Gold mock trial teams will compete at the Mockhawk Tournament hosted by Miami University. The Aves team, with the newest members, will not compete, but will have the opportunity to observe the competition.
Sophomore Adam Meller said, “I did this last year, so I did get a definite feel for the competition. However, I was a witness last year and I’m attorney this year, which is definitely a different perspective. It’s more pressure because now I really have to know the case well.”
This is the first year for Mockhawk, but schools from all over Ohio, including Indian Hill and St. Xavier here in Cincinnati, will be present.
It is still considered fairly early in the season for a competition, considering that most of them take place in January and into the spring.
The case discussed in mock trial this year discusses the timely and controversial problem of police force, as a police officer is on trial for shooting a teenager.
Mock trial attorneys and witnesses work together to prepare and research, ultimately putting together an entire trial at competition.
Meller said, “I’m nervous but confident; the coaches taught us well.”