Batman, and Superman, and Aquaman, oh my!

The Sycamore One Act 2015 coming soon


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The cast of The Superhero Ultraferno perform the song “De Schpeidermon,” a pardoy of a German musical on the origin story of Marvel hero Spiderman. The 2015 One Act was a comedy written to tease well-known comic book protagonists. Superheroes that also appeared in the play included Superman, Batman and Robin, and Wonder Woman.

Superheros will be taking the stage on Saturday, Oct 10, 2015. “The Superhero Ultraferno” is coming to the Little Theatre this weekend.

The one act will be featuring well-known heroes, from DC celebrities such as Wonder Woman, to Marvel protagonists, like the Avengers.

The Superhero Ultraferno is a comedy that portrays famous comic-book heroes in the funniest way possible, with silly costumes, hilarious origin stories, and an absurd script.

Freshman Skye Haruyama said “I think people should come see the one act this year because it is a good way to support the arts and get a good laugh.”

Other major characters in the play are the narrators, to help the story move along smoothly, and add humor with their entertaining dialogue.

Minor characters will also make appearances, such as supervillains, minor heroes, an ensemble, and various citizens.

Senior Maxwell Poff said “ The one acts are entertaining and the people who come will probably see someone they know. And coming to an event like this is good for SHS pride.”

The Superhero Ultraferno is part of a collection of one act plays put on annually from SHS and Anderson High School. Each school puts on two one acts about half an hour long.

Last year, one of the plays put on by Sycamore was the comedy “Competition Piece,” while Anderson put on the comedy “This Is A Text.”

Theater teacher and director Mr. John Whapham said “People should see the one acts because they can see different types of theater in one evening, it is entertaining.”

One of the four one acts performed every year is put on by the Acting Ensemble, the hardest acting class at SHS. The other one act’s participants are selected through auditions at the beginning of the school year.

Tickets will be on sale at the door for seven dollars. The play festival is from 6:30-8:30 p.m., and the Superhero Ultraferno will be put on last.

Do not miss this night that is sure to full of laughter and fun.