Binging Bananza: Teens spend hours on online streaming sites


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Original shows such as Netflix’s Master of None and Orange is the New Black have proved popular. The introduction of original content has won the company multiple awards.

Unlimited access to countless shows and movies has teens spending hours on sites such as Netflix and Hulu going through an extraneous amount shows in a single weekend.

Sophomore Jodie Lawson said, “I don’t like to binge watch. Homework is a priority and I like to have a social life.”

Streaming offers original content that cannot be found on cable television. Furthermore, most release the entire season at once, as opposed to cables method of releasing it episode by episode.

Specifically Netflix which has debuted original shows such as Emmy Award winning series Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black, and Hulu with Emmy nominated Last Man on Earth.

Sophomore Lily Martinson said, “I love Orange is the New Black, I went through the series so quickly, I just finished it,”

Binge watching on streaming sites has become a popular pastime for teens. According to Consumer Affairs, 67 percent of young adults watch streaming or downloaded content during a typical week.

“The business is still growing by leaps and bounds,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in an interview with the Huffington Post . “We are taking it in stride because people want on-demand television. We are very excited about it.”