I am not lovin’ it: the catch with all day breakfast


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Although customers may be missing out on some of their favorite options, it overall will help staffers. With breakfast being in addition to lunch and dinner work has amped up. Overall it should help to not slow down service.

Meghan DiGiovanna, Staff Writer

The wildly popular McDonald’s breakfast, after much anticipation from their mcmuffin loving customers, was extended past its 10:30 cut off introducing the new all day breakfast. However, it may not be what it seems.

Just half of McDonald’s 24 total breakfast menu items are available as part of the full 24 hour menu and varies by location. Biscuits will be served mainly in the south while Mcmuffins will are primarily in the North.

CNBC reported, “Only about 20 percent of markets, which are mostly in the Southeast, will serve biscuits all day while about 80 percent of markets will serve McMuffins.”

Hashbrowns will also not be available at all locations; However, spokeswoman Lisa McComb mentioned that about 90 percent will have them.

A customer tweeted, “Wait so #AllDayBreakfast… but half the breakfast menu is gone!? Where’s my bacon, egg, & cheese biscuits? ”

Despite the disappointment, there is a method to the madness. The cut down menu will help to not slow down employees who have already been trained on how to handle breakfast orders simultaneously with lunch and dinner in preparation.

However it seems that after the seven quarter straight decline in McDonald’s sales could improve due to the overall positive reaction to their new addition.

On its online menu McDonald’s said, “Menu items vary by location. Deliciousness doesn’t.”