Eyebrows on fleek: newest fashion craze dominates beauty world


MCT Photo

The main goal of all eyebrow enthusiasts is to obtain sculpted brows such as these. Whether it be plucking or waxing or even extensions people go to great lengths to get their brows on fleek.

What is the most eye catching part of the human face? The nose? The mouth? The eyes maybe? Close; however, look just centimeters above the eyes and there is answer. That is right… the eyebrows.

What the beauty world has set aside all along has risen to prominence as more people have gone to extreme lengths to perfect their brows in the hopes of attaining the “on fleek” status every beauty guru must have.

The way most attain this look it by using the ever popular methods of waxing and plucking those stray eyebrow hairs; however, recently eyebrow filler and yes, brow extensions have proved successful in creating fuller brows.

Umbreen Sheikh, founder and CEO of NYC-based brow bar Wink, tells BuzzFeed Life, “The process [of eyebrow extensions] can take up to two and a half hours to get the shape and fullness just right.”

Eyebrow extensions? That is correct, to get extensions tweezers are used to dip synthetic hairs into skin safe glue and the hairs are individually applied to the skin. Extensions usually last between two to three weeks.

Sheikh tells Buzzfeed Life, “If you sweat a lot, they’re not going to last very long.”

Teenagers are some of the main advocates of the style. Countless tutorials for bigger and better brows have been uploaded to youtube and numerous makeup brands have taken advantage of the craze in order to cater to their teen customers.

Sophomore Thea Ferdinand said, “I do my eyebrows everyday, it helps them look fuller,”