Smoothie bar enters SHS

Sydney Weiss

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Sycamore Schools Twitter

Students can go to the smoothie bar during lunch and ACE bell.

When school first began, the renovations to the Hub intrigued students. All of the books were put into storage and lounge furniture was introduced. Screens and conference rooms were put into place in the hopes of encouraging group collaboration. One guarantee was not immediately delivered: the smoothie bar.

Numerous rumors fluttered the school about the mysterious smoothie bar. Some claimed the smoothies were too unhealthy to comply with school standards. Others assumed there would be an issue with cleanup had a smoothie bar been installed.

Freshman Sarah Wertheim said, “I did not think the smoothie bar would come. It took way longer than predicted and I gave up on the idea.”

Ever since the new Hub took shape, a white table has been sitting in the corner. People assumed it was the ghost of their smoothie drinking dreams. However, on Jan. 19 the bar was open.

Students were excited when reading Sycamore Schools’ tweet that said “Strawberry seems to be the fav flav today…#smoothiebar #openforbusiness.”

The official Blended Learning Cafe carries smoothies, juice freezes, and iced coffees. The most expensive smoothie is $5.00 with an on the go option or an iced coffee at $3.00. Juice freezes are $2.00. Flavors are rotated daily.

Wertheim also said “When the cafe came out I was pleasantly surprised. I am super excited about it. I like the idea of having a smoothie bar and having drinks other than milk and juice available. Smoothies are delicious.”

The smoothie bar is situated in the corner of the Hub closest to the science classrooms.

Stop by the Hub at lunch time to purchase a beverage!