Q&A with junior Danielle Pratt on being a member of Honor Band


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All students in band have the opportunity to apply for Honor band, but only a select few are accepted. They are chosen to form one band out of many different school districts and performed on Jan. 10. They only have the music less than a week before the performance.

Q. How did you get into Honor band?

A.    “I got in by preparing a short audition piece, and then they hold auditions where certain students are selected based off of ability.”

Q. What does this mean to you to be in Honor band?
A.    “It is a big honor to be a part of Honor band and to get to play with other top musicians, since there is so much to learn from them.”

Q. What do you do in Honor band?
A.   “In Honor band, we play music with our selected instruments as a group of musicians from various school districts.”

Q. What is your favorite part of Honor band?
A.   “My favorite part is when we got to perform our pieces as a group and play music together.”

Q. What do you hope to gain from being in Honor band?
A.   “I hope to gain more experience playing the flute in order to further advance my skills and abilities as a musician.”

Q. What advice do you have to those who want to try out next year?
A.   “Make sure to practice your audition piece in order to come prepared.”