Cupid going wacky


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The chocolate cake, with the message “Be Mine” on it, combined with the bouquet of roses is one popular common tradition among couples on Valentine’s Day. However, some prefer to be more original and present their lovers with more weird but thought provoking gifts, such as a cheeseburger hat and edible underwear. Some countries also practice interesting Valentine’s traditions, such as presenting your Valentine with an intricately carved wooden spoon in Wales, or having “Black Day” on Apr. 14 for single people in South Korea.

Valentine’s Day is a time when couples get together to celebrate their relationships with gifts, affection, and going to places such as restaurants and movie theaters.

Sophomore Elissa Allen said, “Normally I spend Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. Otherwise I spend it with my family.”

However, couples decided to be more unique this season, and give more abnormal gifts, go to strange places, or did other bizarre things.

Junior Jannan Sivaruban said, “Since I do not have a date, I spent my Valentine’s Day volunteering and hanging out with friends.”

According to Fox, the most searched for Valentine’s gifts on the web can also be the weirdest.

The website claims that the most searched for gift in Oklahoma is relationship or marriage counseling, and in Pennsylvania and Texas, one of the most popular gifts is “edible underwear.”

Other unusual Valentine’s present ideas for that special someone include a pink gun purse, a cheeseburger hat, and a mug that says “I Love Farting,”, and instant underwear (just add water), according to The Huffington Post.

There are also as many weird Valentine’s Day traditions throughout the globe as there are strange gifts.

South Korea has three Valentine’s Days. The first one is for men only, the second day is for women, and the final day, called Black Day, which is on Apr. 14, is for single people. On Black Day, all individuals not in a romantic relationship wear dark colors, consume black food, and try to earn sympathy from other singles.

In Germany, pig meat, such as bacon, is often found attached to cards, and in Wales. couples present each other intricately carved wooden spoons.

Freshman Ellie Ekstedt said, “[For Valentine’s Day] I go to White Castle with my parents and my brother.”

All holidays have unique customs and sometimes gifts, but one of the biggest is Valentine’s Day. Even if people seek abnormal presents or receive unusual gifts, couples are still able to enjoy the season of love.