Orchestra anticipates state competition


Jenna Bao

Orchestra practices for the sight-reading section of the competition. It is somewhat difficult to prepare for because there can only be so many pieces that are rehearsed for the first time. The piece will be new for both the conductor and the players.

Jenna Bao, Associate Editor

While members of the SHS orchestra compete in various individual competitions throughout the year, the one annual competition for the entire group is the State Orchestra Adjudicated Event.
The competition this year takes place Fri. Feb. 26 in the evening. Members will report back to SHS by 5:30 in the afternoon and take a bus to Kettering Fairmont High School. They are expected to return after 10 p.m.
The group will be graded on its performance of three pieces: “Sentimental Saraband” from “Simple Symphony” by Benjamin Britten, “Rhythm Dances” by Brian Balmages, and “Symphony No. 8” by Antonin Dvorak.
Sophomore leader of the cello section Kiri Wang said,” It’s annoying how the cellos always rush during the pizzicato part of the third movement [of “Simple Symphony”] because it’s my favorite piece of the program.
They will play the same program for Pancake Day on Sat. March 5, with the addition of “Simple Symphony’s” fourth movement conducted by assistant conductor Mr. David Swift.
The second part of the competition tests the group’s sight reading, or playing a piece for the first time. They will receive a new piece of music at the competition and briefly inspect it before performing for the judges.
Junior Athulya Murali said, “We get the [sight-reading] music in folders, and we have a few minutes to review it. We’re not allowed to strum [our instruments] or make noise before we perform it.”
The orchestra historically fares receives a superior rating every year, however the event was cancelled last year due to inclement weather.
Freshman Max Guo said,” I think we’ll do very well, and I’m excited for it. It’ll be an adventure.”