Friends facilitate fun, frosty football

Elijah Zawatsky

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Down go the Braves
April 25, 2016

Elijah Zawatsky

A snow day tradition has sprung up at Sycamore High School. In the afternoon on snow days, a group of seniors meet up, hot chocolate in toe, to play tackle football on the high school turf field. This provides a fun way for students to spend their long, cold, snowy days off school.

Long gone are the lazy snow days spent on the couch, staring blankly at a television screen. These bright, blizzard filled days of fun are being utilized by the busy student ini more creative ways.

Senior Kevin Fitzgerald said, “Snow days are some of the only times when all of my friends are available to do things at the same time. Lately we’ve begun a tradition of playing tackle football on the high school field on snow days.”

The soft snow and slick field provide a perfect playing field for a tackle football game. Some of the greatest NFL games of all time have been played on cold, blistery days. This seems to be the way a group of senior students has begun spending snow days.

Senior Cameron Foy said, “We have a snow day group chat with a bunch of kids who come down and play tackle football at the high school. It’s unfair for everyone else because I’m so good, but it’s cute when they try to tackle me. In order to be the next Peyton Manning you just can’t take any days off- it’s just that simple.”

The games often occur just after noon on snow days, with hot chocolate provided for half time. Some students meet up early to clear the boundary lines before the game starts.

Senior Woody Truncellito said, “Getting out and playing is significantly better than just being lazy all day in doors. I used to go to bed after a snow feeling as though I’d wasted the entire day. Now I’m able to get some physical activity and hang out with the bros at the same time. It’s what you could call a win win.”