Spanish Club storming the school

Samuel Ruskin

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Some of the food that Spanish Club tries. This dish is Paella. It is a commonly eaten dish in Spain.

When many students at SHS think about joining a club or activity, they usually arrive at a sport or an organization. Many of the language clubs such as Spanish, go unheard of while they are often one of the most well-received

Spanish Club is led by senior Sam Myers. He describes the club as, “A great club that provides great knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, while also incorporating fun into programs.”

Spanish Club meets once every few weeks and often goes on trips to Spanish Restaurants. Freshman Danny Polasky said, “Spanish Club is one of my favorite activities. I love to try new food from different spanish speaking countries.”

Freshman Jacob Wittenbaum said, “The teacher, Mr. Korchok, helps provide an insightful view on the activities and games that spanish speakers enjoy. It’s definitely a great club that everyone should join.”

Whether you take a Spanish class or not, you are always invited to join the Spanish Club and experience a new world from within our own school.