Re-Envision your movie experience


Claire Lefton

This is the first thing you see when you walk in the doors of Envision. The light fixtures and sign above the box office as well as a kinetic wall sculpture immediately indicate that this theater goes a step beyond the norm. Their passion for the movie-going experience is also shown in the many minimalistic classic film posters around the theater.

The new movie theater down the road is more than it seems. Envision goes beyond the typical movie theater to create a friendly and sociable environment and experience to those who walk through its doors.

Envision sets the mood before you even reach the doors with a patio space and walkway with a beautiful pond view. Once inside, you are greeted by a warm modern design that creates an atmosphere to ensure you are in the right hands.

President and CEO of Envision, Robbie Sosna, said, “Just take a look at Envision and you’ll see what sets us apart from our competition. We have seven auditoriums with motorized recliners, in-seat food and beverage service at the push of a button, and state of the art sound and picture.”

After choosing your seat at the box office, you can go to the restaurant/lobby or head to the theater with a menu given to you by the usher. There, your chair reclines and has a USB port so you can charge your phone while watching the movie. At any point you can order food and drinks right to your seat.

In terms of film projection and sound quality, Envision also excels. I wanted to go twice to check; once to compare for something I had seen somewhere else (“Deadpool”) and another time to observe for something new (“Eddie the Eagle”). The presentation is beautiful.

Since Envision is neighbors with SHS, it is a cool place to come with your friends after school or activities. Dinner-and-a-movie dates are perfect there too since it doubles as both a restaurant and a movie theater.

Sosna said, “There were quite a few reasons why we selected the current site for our first Envision and one of those reasons was because of SHS. As a SHS graduate I know how valuable it is to have a high school within a mile, both for employees and customers.”

The close proximity to the school is convenient for those looking for after-school and even summer jobs. They are currently hiring everything from box-office cashiers to dishwashers.

Senior and Envision employee Charlie Ramos said, “It is one of the best places I have ever worked at. The people there are so friendly and accepting and the environment is very classy and relaxing. It’s truly bringing back the meaning of Dine-In Theater.”

As a film buff and regular movie theater patron, I could not recommend Envision more.