Q & A with Emma Traylor


Sarah Horne, Broadcast Editor in Chief

What is your position on Mock Trial and what does that include?

  “I am an attorney in mock trial. This is my second year doing it, and I have been a defense attorney for both years. Usually we have to write an opening or closing statement for our case, a direct examination of our own witness, and a cross examination of the opposing counsel’s witness.”

What is your favorite part of mock trial?

  “This is a really difficult question for me, since I love the competition and the debate aspect of mock trial, and it is probably my favorite part. But since it is a team sport, we are able to create new friendships and bonds with people we may not have otherwise met.”

How long have you been a part of mock trial and how did you get involved?

  “This is my second year of Mock Trial. I got involved because I like to debate and I like the concept of justice. I also have been contemplating law as a future career.”

What have you learned from being a part of Mock Trial?

  “I have learned the importance of improvement and bouncing back from setbacks.”

How did you feel about districts?

  “I had a lot of fun with districts. Even though we didn’t advance to regionals, it was a very fun growth experience.”

What advice do you have to those who want to join?

  “Mock Trial is definitely a fun thing to do. Truth be told, there is a decent amount of work, especially if you’re an attorney. But if you’re up to it, competing and seeing the improvements makes it all worth it.”