Six left standing: Electoral race update


Horne, Sarah Marie

On Sat., March 12, there will be three caucuses. Two will be Republican, held in Guam and the District of Columbia. The other will be for the Democrats and will be held in Northern Marianas. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Sarah Horne, Broadcast Editor in Chief

  For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have continued their race on three more states: Kansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska.

  In Kansas with 68 percent and Nebraska with 57 percent, Sanders took the lead. Clinton, on the other hand, won Louisiana with 71 percent of the votes.  

  Candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich continue to battle it out for the Republican nominee. Trump won Kentucky by 36 percent and Louisiana with 41 percent. Cruz won Maine by 46 percent and Kansas by 48 percent.

The Republican and Democratic primary is scheduled to come to Ohio on March 15. To learn more about each candidate’s policies and opinions, click here.

  In regards to the delegates for each candidate, Trump holds 382, Cruz has 300, Rubio has 128, Clinton holds 663, and Sanders has 459.

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