Art opportunities arise for high schoolers


Adhiti Chundur

Competitions can get students used to creating art based on a prompt and with a deadline. The hardest part is getting started. Looking at past competitions winners can give students inspiration.

Art contest are an effective way to promote your own art and even receive scholarships. However, finding credible contest can be difficult.

  1. Manifest Gallery contest (Cincinnati, OH)
    Deadline: March 28, 2016
    Open to all media; artwork should be no larger than 7 inches in any dimension
    Fees: $36 for 3 entries, $10 for additional entries
    Contact information: Phone (513) 861-3638; Website
  2. International Photography Awards
    Globally, professionals, non-professionals, and students can submit their photographs.
    Submit here:
    Fee for students: $15
  3. Science Without Borders Challenge
    Art can also serve as a vehicle for advocacy. In the 2016 Science Without Borders Challenge, students are asked to create art based on the theme of ocean conservation.
    Deadline: Monday, April 25, 2016
    Eligibility: students 11-19 years (international)
    Theme: “Fishing under the radar”
    Contest rules found here:

High schools students have many opportunities to get their artwork out in the open. In addition to contests, students can apply to be displayed in galleries (must need a range of works). Students can also take art camps to refine their skills.
Summer programs at DAAP offer many different courses, from drawing to digital fabrication.
Entering more competitions can boost confidence and inspire you to work harder and harder. It also gives a platform for you and others to evaluate and critique your work, enabling you to grow as an artist.
Entering competitions frequently also make s you produce new art often, so you can keep an up to date portfolio.