Service learning club plans ahead


Adhiti Chundur

Junior Allison Miller explains the progress of the club. There are many different organizations around Cincinnati to volunteer at, including Community Matters, Faces without Places, and the Freestore Foodbank. The club meets at 2:30 the first Wed. of each month to discuss progress and future plans.

The Service Learning Club at Sycamore aims to get students at SHS involved in the community.
Students can volunteer at many places, including Visionaries + Voices, an organization created to give artists with disabilities a space to create, exhibit, and sell their work.
Sophomore Julia Kolnicki said, “I’m interested in working at Visionaries and Voices because I feel I would be utilizing my worth and skill, and I also get to do it with my friend Melinda, who also enjoys art and can help people through art.”
The Literacy Network is another non-profit students where students can volunteer. Their aim is to help some of the 400,000 illiterate adults and children in the Greater Cincinnati Area.
The training dates are held the first Tuesday of every month, and volunteers can tutor adults or children for 30 minutes a week.
Sophomore Ryan Tufts said, “The day I service learned at the senior center, I did so with my friends Jasmine Male and Van Tha Bor. We went on a day in which there was a small amount of people.
We had an activity planned, but it was a bit childish for the seniors. Honestly, it was a bit awkward at first.
However, we started talking to the seniors, and started communicating about their experiences and made personal connections with them, and it turned out to be a truly rewarding day in the sense that I felt like I made someone’s day better. This goes to show how powerful a simple conversation can be.”
The club is planning to hold a fundraiser to help Faces without Places buy school supplies. The fundraiser will start on Apr. 11..
The club meets the first Wed. of every month. There are no GPA or extracurricular requirements- all students are welcome.
To learn more, contact English teacher Mrs. Marnie May at