Incoming freshmen participate in Freshman Camp


Photo by: Eshika Kohli.

Caption: Freshman Camp results in a success in allowing the incoming freshmen to get better understandings of SHS. Staff of both of the schools put in effort to make these days a fun and educational tour for the eighth graders. Not only did the students participate in a camp that was educational, but they also competed in a fun and activity filled day.

Eshika Kohli, Leaflet Designer

Junior High students came to visit SHS on May 16 and 17. These students became apart of families which were combined to make teams: green, gold, white, and black.

Freshman Katie Renoit said, “It was really good to show the incoming freshmen around so now they have somewhat of an idea of what SHS is like.”

Sycamore staff decided to take out two days of educational learning for participants because they feel that the current eighth graders would benefit from this camp. Staff hope for the eighth graders to get a feel for the building and have contacts to ask in the next year if they need help navigating through high school.

Freshman Becca Thompson said, “The amount of spirit during freshman camp was indescribable, and I couldn’t have asked for a better time. I am happy to know that some really amazing people will be joining our school next year. Family 20, team white, you rocked!”

Students from grades 9-11 at SHS were allowed to apply to become camp counselors. If they were accepted, they were the counselors of each of their own families. Counselors worked in pairs to keep track of their families ranging from eight to ten students.

Freshman Kirsten Thomas said, “Freshman Camp consisted of laughter, fun, games, meeting new people, and bonding. It was an amazing opportunity!”

Each family strove to compete in various ice breakers, cheers, scavenger hunts, and other activities which raised points for the team. Students competed for a strong finish and resulted in the victory for team gold.