Learning about ACE bell

The goal for ACE bell is to provide an hour each day for students and staff to breath, build relationships, and leisurely read outside the traditional instructional periods. Every Wednesday will be designated as a “collaboration day” during this structured time.

The expectations for ACE bell every day is as follows:

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:

  1. The first 15 minutes of structured time is reserved for announcements, homework (or last-minute assignments), and for teachers and students to get to know about each other.
  2. The last 15 minutes will be spent reading any material students want to read – including fiction, nonfiction, or a textbook. E-reading is also allowed. Note that the school’s “no cell phone” policy will be maintained during this time.

On Wednesday:

  1. Wednesdays are officially called “Collaboration Day.”
  2. Students can work individually or collaborate with a teacher or a group of students if supervised by an adult.
  3. Any student who wants to collaborate with a teacher other than whom they have for ACE bell must have a pass to go see that teacher prior to the start of ACE bell that day.
  4. Students may work on any assignment/project during this time. They may also use their phone if needed.
  5. No student is permitted to leave a classroom without a pass prior to the bell ringing.