FBLA hits off year with high hopes


Jessica Lu

FBLA member Angela Peng handles attendance. Meetings for FBLA take place every other Monday starting on September 26 in room 215. An official membership costs $15 but everyone is welcome to participate in the club.

Future Business Leaders in America (FLBA) is on the lookout for new members.

The club was established by senior Ori Graf last May.

“FBLA is a perfect example of how we can use social entrepreneurship to better our school and community,” said Graf.

FBLA is a club by the students and for the students. According to the organization’s website, FBLA combines business and education to help its members develop leadership skills and knowledge.

The organization offers many seminars and competitions for its members.

Unlike DECA, another business group at SHS, this unique club offers competitive events in a variety of fields, ranging from business ethics to 3D animation to even impromptu speaking.

“I think FBLA will do great things this year. We have a team of dedicated students as well as a passionate teacher-administrator. Opportunities will expand simultaneously with our expansion and marketing efforts,” said Graf.

“The establishment of FBLA as an influential institution will be the most consequential thing to happen to Sycamore, but that all relies on every member doing his or her part.”