Q and A with Stepping Out Club advisor Lindsey Collins


Lindsey Collins

Students are encouraged to bring a snack to share to the meetings. The first meeting for Stepping Out Club was from 2:30-3:30 p.m. on September 29. Important announcements regarding the club are posted on the Stepping Out Club Facebook page.

Jessica Lu, Staff Writer

Q: What is Stepping Out Club? What’s the main goal of the club?

A: Stepping Out Club is similar to the junior high’s Partner Club. The club’s purpose is for students to gain a deeper knowledge of the unique reality kids experience and develop an overall sense of the school culture for students with and without disabilities. The Stepping Out Club strives to open minds and improve one’s own perception of what can be achieved while having fun.

Q: How often does this club meet and where?

A: We meet once a month in Room 258. The room is right by the band lockers.

Q: I’ve noticed in the schedule you sent me that there are board meetings before every club meeting. What do you guys do?

A: The board meets about once a month to plan out activities we are going to do for the next club meeting.

Q: What does a regular meeting look like?

A: During club meetings, students typically eat snacks, mingle, and complete activities together.

Q: I heard that there is a Halloween party next month. Can you describe the occasion?

A: For the Halloween party, we dress up for the costume contest and go trick-or-treating. Last year, board members lined up along the route from our meeting location to the main entrance (where parents pick them up). The rest of the group took bags along and trick-or-treated their way out. It was so fun!

Q: Why are you guys called Stepping Out Club?

A: The club is mostly for interaction with different types of people, encouraging students to “step out” of their comfort zones and be open-minded to peers who are not like them.