AP prepares students for college


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AP courses are a great way to learn more about a given subject and show deeper understanding. While in class absorb as much information as possible and take quality notes. Most importantly, make sure that when taking AP courses they are ones you have a general interest in and will help you increase your chance to be accepted it your potential college of choice.

For students entering into Advanced Placement (AP) programs this year for the first time the jump can seem quite large. However, a few small tips can make the difference into beginning smoothly.

Participate in the little tasks: Whether a teacher assigns a worksheet, optional study guide, or extra credit be sure to pay attention and complete them.
While these few points might seem small, they can help you prepare for larger assessments. Also, they can give an additional push if needed by the end of the quarter for any borderline percentages.

Create a study group: Whether it is a pair of two or a large group have people around you who create a learning environment. For AP English classes this can be an extra set of eyes for essay editing, or for AP math courses this can be used for seeking assistance for challenging calculations.
This technique can also be useful while taking an AP language course by allowing students to speak and listen to that language outside of the classroom.

Spacing effect: Whether you are embarking on AP Psychology or not, it is important to understand and follow the spacing effect. This is a learning technique of studying a little each night instead of cramming the night before an important assessment.
This becomes increasingly valuable as more information is expected to be memorized and applied in AP courses. It will also help make any projects seem more easily accomplished by taking them step by step.

Talk to your teacher:Understanding what is expected and having a positive relationship with you teacher can improve the dynamics of any classroom. Therefore if you have a question, ask it. If you need more help with material or specific study strategies for a course, set up a time to meet with the teacher.
This will allow for further understanding of what the teacher is looking for, and demonstrate to the teacher that you are serious about being successful throughout the year.