Walking the red carpet to Fashion Club


MCT Photo

Fashion is all around in society. Fashion club is a way for students to get involved in the styles that surround them. Another way to get involved in fashion is through the offered elective fashion courses and the annual Fashion For the Cure event.

Sarah Horne, Creative Projects Director

This year SHS has started a new Fashion Club for students to get involved. The club is founded by senior Samantha Rohr.
“Fashion Club is an applied arts club, and the goal is to grow peoples artistic abilities and perspectives, while putting an emphasis on career and college planning,” said Rohr.
The next meeting will be on Sept. 22 after school. There students will talk about fashion in relationship to school dances as they prepare for the upcoming homecoming dance.
Rohr also wants to talk about the fashion industry as a whole and how employment works for interested students.
The fashion industry is a way for artist who wish to work on their craft to earn money. For example designing textiles and prints for fashion can be a way to express one’s art through clothing, wallpaper, or interior design,” said Rohr.
Rohr also plans to talk about frugal shopping and feeling proud of one’s fashion sense. Fashion club is a way for anyone to get involved in fashion whether they are trying something completely new or have always loved fashion.
“Fashion fades but style is eternal. That is why it is important to feel good about what you wear and about yourself,” said Rohr.