Wo yao ni (I want you) for Chinese Club


Ning Zhang

Chinese Club marches in the Homecoming Parade holding up a Chinese Club sign and Chinese dragon. The Homecoming Parade took place on October 8. The dragon was put together at the prior Chinese Club meeting.

Hannah Lee, Staff Writer

Chinese Club has been kicking it off..

“My friend was in [the homecoming parade with Chinese Club] and I wanted to try something new, so I joined him in the parade holding up the dragon,” said Grace Creek, 10.

The Chinese Club is a terrific way to get involved in school while also experiencing the unique Chinese culture.

The officers for Chinese Club have officially been elected, so the club is now settled in place for another great year.

“I think Chinese Club is pretty cool because you have an opportunity to learn things about Chinese culture that you don’t get to learn in class,” said Abby Motley, 9.

Motley is in Chinese 3, but there is no requirement of knowing any Chinese or taking a Chinese class to join.

Chinese Club holds meetings every other Friday after school and is open to anyone who wishes to join.

“[It’s also cool how] you get to meet people who take Chinese in a different grade or who aren’t taking Chinese but still are interested in Chinese culture,” said Motley.

Chinese Club is more about experiencing the Chinese culture more than learning which is done through various activities. During the most recent meeting, they had Chinese food, did calligraphy, and put the Chinese dragon together for the Homecoming Parade.