Senior Halloween Rules

Harsimran Makkad, Web Editor-in-Chief

Friday, Oct. 28 is Senior Halloween Dress-up Day. Costumes can be as creative as students wish them to be, but students must abide by the following criteria:

  • Costumes must follow the Student Code of Conduct. This means no masks that cover the face, see-through garments, exposed midriffs, strapless tops, etc. Students with these items on will be disqualified from the competition and sent home to change.
  • In light of recent events, clown costumes are not permitted to be worn.
  • No weapons such as swords, guns, or any others can be used as part of the costume. This includes facsimiles of weapons. Items will be confiscated.
  • No roller blades, skates, skateboards, bicycles, shopping carts, or any other wheeled modes of transportation will be allowed in the building.
  • No play fighting, no obstruction of the hallway.
  • Students must not bring props that are designed to throw away or distribute. No confetti, food, stickers, aerosol cans or flyers. Students with such items will be disqualified from the competition and the items will be confiscated.
  • No latex balloons as any part of costumes.
  • No costumes should have religious references or be culturally insensitive.
  • No drug, alcohol, or tobacco references including facsimiles of such items. This includes bottles, wine/drink glasses, and SOLO cups.
  • No profane or obscene language or references will be tolerated.

Students with costumes that do not meet the rules above will be sent home to change. Other unacceptable attire may be deemed inappropriate at the discretion of SHS staff and administration and will be asked to be removed. If there are questions about whether a costume is inappropriate or not, please see Mr. Mader or Dr. Mack for their approval.