Supporting GSTA

Abigail Bastin, Staff Writer

Gay Straight Trans Alliance (GSTA) is for anybody of any sexuality. The club is open to anyone who feels they need support, want to meet people like them, or want to help support LGBT kids.

“GSTA is a safe haven for all kids,” said Mrs. Meredith Blackmore, Spanish teacher.

GSTA meets after school in room 252.

It brings together those of different and same sexuality and form alliances. Another goal of the GSTA is to end homophobia.

You do not have to be non-straight to help in the fight to end homophobia and trans-phobia.

The problem of fear or hate against the LGBTQ community is present and that is what the club makes clear.

The GSTA will accept anyone who comes to the club as long as they help in the fight to end hate and fear against the LGBTQ community.