Women boycott Ivanka Trump clothing line


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Ivanka Trump fashion line includes items such as clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories. Her brand has been criticized for copying designs by other designers. Her products are also not produced in the U.S.

Amy Deng, Managing Editor

Opposers of Donald Trump are urging shoppers to avoid buying products from his daughter’s brand, Ivanka Trump. They have also pressed them to avoid the stores that carry the label as well.

The boycott was started by San Francisco marketing specialist Shannon Coulter, who launched the #GrabYourWallets campaign after a video surfaced of Trump talking about groping women.

“This is an interesting campaign, I want to know Ivanka’s reaction to this, and if she thinks it is completely ridiculous or not,” said Grace Deng, 9.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Coulter also keeps a running Google Doc list of all the stores that sell Ivanka Trump products. The stores include Nordstrom, DSW, Zappos, Amazon, Macy’s, and more.

“Avoiding such stores could also make the departments selling the products decrease in sales as well; I wonder if it is worth it,” said Sarah Abraham, 11.

Encouraging shoppers to call and ask stores if they sell the products, she keeps the list growing with each up-to-date notification.

“Coulter will probably gain more popularity or notice on her campaign through social media as that spreads information so quickly,” said Deng.

Coulter aims to urge consumers that buy a lot of products such as clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags to not purchase such items from Ivanka Trump’s brand. Several celebrities have even tweeted about the campaign, showing their support.