Forever listening

Every year, it seems that there is one song that everyone knows about, that one music video everyone is watching. No matter where you go, you can hear it playing, and see people singing it with their friends.

Last year that video was “Gangnam Style.”

But this year it seems no matter where you go, if someone says ” What does the fox say,” everyone replies: “Ring- ding-ding-ding-dingeringering!”

It seems music is a big part of people’s lives.  Many people listen to music while doing homework or before major events. Sometimes before a sports game you can see people getting into the game mood by putting in headphones.

“Listening to music before a water polo game get me more determined to do well and win the game,” said Morgan Malof, 11.

Others also say music influences a person’s personality.

An anonymous student at SHS said “Music influences a person’s personality because it shows what a person enjoys on their own time.”

Another anonymous student said, “Personality influences music,” instead of the other way.

Songs can even spark new questions. An anonymous student said,”I now want to know what a fox says,” after listening to the music video “the fox.”  Students even looked up what a fox says after watching the video.

Music also seems to affect a person’s mood. Some cause people to want to laugh and be happy. They make people feel like dancing and when listening to the song and make it so people can not help but have a smile on their face.

Some songs are sad. They are the songs that people listen to when they are not feeling great and cause them to feel worse. Some songs can even strike a memory of something that has happened and make it feel real.

There are so many different types of music out there that it seems there is always a song for everyone. No matter what people like; pop, country, jazz, rap, or classical, there is a song out there for everyone.