Louisiana losing league


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Caption: Louisiana State University is doing something during a game on versus a team. Due to extreme weather conditions, they had to cancel a game versus Florida and had to reschedule for Noveber 19 and change the location from at Florida to at LSU. This controversy and decision was highly publicized since neither side could agree on a solution.

Lauren Kurtzer, Creative Projects Director

I hate the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The Big Ten and the Midwest are where my allegiances lie. I am a born and breed Midwestern girl. Where I come from, you work hard for what you get.

Recently, Louisiana State University (LSU) made me hate the SEC, the most arrogant conference in the NCAA (National College Athletic Association) even more.

Hurricane Matthew wrecked havoc throughout the east coast and college football games were canceled. LSU was scheduled to play team Florida at SEC on Sat., Oct. 8. The SEC and both schools decided to move the game to November 19 – but not without a fight.

Both teams were scheduled to play non-power five conference teams, so they dropped the games. And the game will be played at Baton Rouge and not Gainsville.

Are you kidding me? LSU athletic director (AD) Joe Alleva would not give up a home game against South Alabama, which with a good enough SEC team, hyped up to be, would be an easy win. Instead he wants to be dramatic and stubborn.

LSU should want to play where they were agreed to- now the AD hurt the 2017-18 teams. Fans and teams plan for each game and the location of the said game, and Alleva threw that off.

To top it all off, the LSU AD called the situation a “joke.” No, you are the joke, you made it a joke, you publicized it. Have you heard complaints publicly from Florida? No, because they dealt it within the school and conference.

Shame on him for not willing to accommodate in an extreme situation. And he does not have excellent athletics to prove it.

This situation could have easily been solved, yet the most arrogant conference continued their hot streak of making me angry.