Vine disappears into history books


MCT Campus

Social media is really popular among teenagers. The different platforms are highly competitive due to their responses to the demands of the current generation. It is difficult to keep such applications going for long period of time due to better replacements.

Popular social media platform, Twitter, has decided to end its video application Vine. Twitter acquired the app four years ago in order to bring videos to social networks.

There was not a specific reason as to why the video-sharing app was closed, but they recently confirmed significant job cuts in order to make a profit.

“Vine shutting down will just allow other social media to take its place. I see a new company filling the void,” said Nathan Estill, 12.

The failure of Vine hides the struggles Twitter faces itself. Although Vine has a huge following, the app suffered from an inability to keep up with competitors and disorganized product insight.

When Vine was on the rise, there were already several other similar video-sharing apps released that became competition. But when Twitter purchased the app, the hope was to connect people to Twitter’s large user base.

“I remember hearing about Vine’s huge success, but it only seemed to be a fad as it faded so quickly,” said Anais Cabello, 12.

According to CNN Money, Vine fell from the top 100 free apps in Apple app store at the start of 2016 and continued to fall after that. It also become a platform similar to Facebook where everyone feels comfortable posting.

“Although I do not use Vine myself, I enjoy watching those short videos because they make me laugh. Sad to see it go, but there will definitely be other alternatives,” said Cabello.

Several people grew to become Vine stars from the app. The six-second videos posted through video sharing helped skyrocket their positions on the platform.