Students watch Gardening Club grow


Emily Chien

With hands coated in dirt, Thea Ferdinand, 11, Annie Marsh, 11, Emily Chien, 11, and Jodie Lawson, 11, work hard to cultivate their plants. Gardening Club meets every Friday in the commons. Participants plant vegetables and discuss environmental issues.

Do you have a green thumb? Do you like helping your community and the environment while having fun?

Gardening Club encompasses all of these things and more. The club meets on Fridays at 2:30 in the Commons before trekking across the street to SHS’s very own greenhouse.

“I love being able to get my hands dirty and really contribute to saving our environment,” said Thea Ferdinand, 11.

The club discusses environmental issues and plants seasonal vegetables. Gardening Club also participates in landscaping in collaboration with Environmental Club.

The vegetables from the club’s plantings are used in an end of the year salad party and are donated to those in need.

Graduate Lila Englander began the club with environmental teacher Mr. Ronald Hochstrasser and has enjoyed watching the club and its plants grow.

“It’s a really fun group of people, and it’s so rewarding to see things we planted with our own two hands grow into something. I love being able to talk about relevant environmental issues while actively doing something to change our community,” Ferdinand said.

See the club’s Instagram @shsgardening for more details and photos.