Color guard adds volume to Vortex


Brinkman, Lindsey Catherine

The drum majors and color guard captains prepare to receive their awards. On Sat. Oct. 29 the band competed and received a total of seven awards. The ensemble’s last competition will be held on Nov. 5 and they will perform at around 2:00 p.m. Photo by: Terry Ekstedt

Lindsey Brinkman, Staff Writer

With only one more competition left, the championships, the marching band is spiraling into perfecting its show, Vortex.

At their last competition, in their class AAAA, the band went home receiving Best Guard, Best Percussion, Best General Effect, Best Visual, Best Music, and First Place. Also, out of all the bands who competed, they received Best Music.
Now, the band only gets one more chance to show off all of its hard work before the season ends.
“I’m sad about the season ending but I’m excited to make the final competition a good one,” said Lydia Cooke, 10.
Over the time span of about six months the band has prepared to perform, and competing at the best of its ability is the main goal of the ensemble.
“My favorite part of the season was the beginning and how the new people didn’t know much, but now they do, and you can look back and see how much the group has grown. That makes me very proud and happy,” Cooke said.
At the last competition on Sat. Nov. 5 the band will perform against 14 other groups.
“Our last competition will hopefully be our best run, to end the season well,” Cooke said.
Come support your school’s band at the MSBA competition, located at Mason High School.