Not failing league


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Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril tackles Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor during the Monday night Football primetime games on November 7. There has been a hysteria going around the league about the ratings, especially during the lack of compelling primetime games. The drop in ratings come from factors in and out of the league.

Lauren Kurtzer, Creative Projects Director

Yes, the National Football League’s (NFL) ratings are dropping. No, it is not because some players are not standing for the National Anthem or the league’s lack of consistent discipline. No, the league is not in trouble; America still loves its football.

The NFL is still the most viewed sport in the country. The reasons the ratings have drops are twofold.

One: the election takes away from viewers who would normally be watching their teams to actually watch the news. According to CBS, this happens every four years due to the presidential election.

Two: the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series was one for the ages. The Chicago Cubs finally made the series. They are based in one of the largest cities in America and have fans across the nation.

Of course more sports fans would watch history than a game that will be on until February.

Now that the election is finally over and the curse has broken, I expect ratings to go back up to their normal numbers and the league office can exhale.

I think it absurd to think that the NFL is falling apart because some players are kneeling for the National Anthem. It is a simple way to protest and kneeling during pregame will not make millions change the channel.

While it makes me incredibly sad by their nonexistent punishments on domestic violence, fans are not going to stop watching their teams on Sundays. It is a religion, and it is hard to convert.

Additionally, the refs’ horrible officiating makes the fans and teams angry, but it gives both the motivation to watch and to play the next game, looking for revenge.

The NFL is certainly not dying; there are obvious flaws in the system that fans, players, and teams need to stand up to for a change.