Cincinnati football falls short of playoffs


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Andy Dalton, Bengals quarterback, is said to be one of the team’s best qualities right now in the season. Dalton threw for 284 yards against the Washington Redskins three weeks ago. This game was in London, England.

Mark Huffer, Staff Writer

The Bengals have a current record of 3-5-1. Yes, they actually tied a game. They ended in OT against the Redskins in London, England with a score of 27-27.

The Cincinnati Bengals have not been to a Super Bowl since 1988 and have only had one more appearance in 1981. They lost both of them to the San Francisco 49ers.

“I think that the Bengals are a good team, but I don’t get why they have done so bad recently,” said Christian Pierce, 10.

If the Bengals want to make the playoffs, they have to win all of their games, while having six teams lose at least two games.

“It would be a miracle if the Bengals made the playoffs,” said Luke Huffer, 11.

If, in fact, the Bengals were to get to the playoffs, they will have to face their dreaded “curse” of losing their first playoff game, which they have not won since 1990.

“I just wish Cincinnati could just do well in one of their sports,” said Jeremy Wittenbaum, 10.

Although the Bengals are loved by many, multiple professionals believe it is time to say goodbye to a chance at a playoff appearance.