Bringing music across country


Julia You

From Nov. 9 through the 13, the marching band and orchestra went to Disney World to perform music they have worked very hard on. The trip consisted of three days actually in the park, with one day the orchestra having a concert in Disney Springs, and another the band paraded through epcot. Both groups also participated in workshops to better their skills.

Lindsey Brinkman, Staff Writer

To finally finish off the marching band season, the ensemble traveled 17 hours to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The orchestra also made the journey to get the chance to perform in front of thousands of people.
Both groups were part of a workshop where the musicians practiced Disney music, learned about the professional side of music, and recorded pieces that went along with a video from Disney’s Frozen.
“Disney was really fun! It was a great time and I am really pumped for the next marching band season,” said Katherine Shi, 9.
During the five day trip, the groups were able to perform in Disney World, with the Orchestra playing a concert in Disney Springs on the second day, Nov. 11 , and the marching band parading through Epcot on the third day, Nov. 12.
“I thought going to Disney was a perfect way of ending the season. It was really nice spending time with all of my friends from marching band and orchestra at Disney,” said Abigail Motley ,9.
Since the marching band season is over, the group will not start practicing again until next summer. But the Orchestra is already preparing themselves for their winter concert which will be held on Dec. 14.
“ I think Disney was a great way to end the season. I’m really proud that we received second at our championships in the previous weeks, and I’m excited to see the theme for next year,” said Olivia Jobe, 9
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