Color Guard competes collectively


Terry Ekstedt

The marching band preforms their show, Vortex on the move for the first time. It was the group’s third competition but due to rain, the other past ones were held indoors, while standing still. The band received third and qualified for state competition.

For their third competition, the marching band was able to compete “on the move”. That means they were on the field moving and preforming. Even though it was already their third competition, it was the ensemble’s first time preforming outdoors because the other two were indoors.
“I thought I did well for it being my first time preforming on an actual field,” said Abbigail Motley, 9.
The band went home receiving third place, and qualifying for state competition.
“As a group I think we did OK. The show still needs work, but that’s okay because the season isn’t over yet!” said Katherine Willis,11.
Because the group is only three competitions in, they still have time to add more to the show, including movement three. Also because they are only halfway into the season, the ensemble still has time to better their timing and work together more as a group.
“In my opinion I thought we did pretty good, but I think we could have done a lot better job staying together as a team,” said Sophia Taylor, 9.
Overall, the marching band did a great job at their first competition that was outdoors and on the move, and luckily they still have time to improve their skills and their show.
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