Brazilian football team crashes in Columbia


MCT Campus

An Avro RJ85, carrying 81 member of a football team from Chapecoense, crashed near Medellin, Columbia. The team was scheduled to play Wednesday night in the first round of the Copa Sudamerica. The club had recntly rose from a low level to a division one team, and the 200,000 residents of Chapecoense were devastated by the loss.

On their way to a regional tournament, a plane carrying a Brazilian football team, Chapecoense, crashed near Medellin, Columbia. Of the 81 people on board, 76 are confirmed dead, and five are still alive in hospitals.

Chapecoense was a division one football team in Brazil, and they were flying to play in the Copa Sudamerica when the accident occurred.

While it is still unknown what caused the plane’s malfunction, it is known that Columbia was experiencing rain and storms. Authorities currently believe that it was an electrical failure, but further investigation is still to be done.

The club has stated that it will continue to move forward, while respectfully honoring the casualties of the accident.

“Today we wake up with a new challenge, because life gave us a different lesson. Our warriors became heroes, and immortalized their lives in a battle that made the world stop. Today’s match does not have a final whistle. Together, we are more than 11,” said the Chapecoense football club to CNN.

Students at SHS, despite not being personally connected to the accident, still show their empathy.

“It’s always a sad day for football when a player dies, and my heart goes out to the families of the players,” said Colin Walker, 10.

“I hope that all those affected by the crash can fight through the loss and recover. It’s a great damage to the city, and I hope that club can recover,” said Matthew Neal, 9.