Mock Trial assembles team


Jessica Lu

Zhang and Kulkarni discuss their analyzations on the case. Mock Trial meetings are held Tuesdays at 6:30-8:30 p.m. and Fridays after-school for two hours. Although they will not compete in competitions, students who foster an interest in law are welcome to the club to come and learn.

Jessica Lu, Staff Writer

On the morning of November 29, Mock Trial sponsor Mr. Andrew Oakes informed certain club members about their roles as witnesses. The witnesses were chosen by real-life lawyer Bernie Wong, who has advised the club for many years in the past.

On the plaintiff side, Abhilash Yarlagadda, 10, is casted as the governor Pat Justice, Anupama Narayana, 9, is expert witness Sam L. Jackson, and Jessica Lu, 10, is office assistant Mickey Harris.

Regarding the defense, Debasmita Kanungo, 9, is set up to play journalist Andy Rather, Allyson Bonhaus, 10, is expert witness Reese Murphy, and Teddy Weng, 10, is news executive Cameron Carter.

”The witnesses were chosen by their knowledge of law shown by class participation and their ability to fit the role. It’s similar to casting for a film or play,” said Wong.

Wong has also assigned roles of the plaintiff and defendant lawyers in the past week. After carefully listening to members’ opening statements, Wong picked Carolyn Zhang, 10, and Jacob Frankel, 10, for the defense and Grace Creek, 10, and Nandita Kulkarni, 10, for the plaintiff.

“I chose the attorneys by their knowledge of the law and speaking abilities,” said Wong.

Most of the JV lawyers are veterans from last year except Kulkarni, who previously served as an expert witness.

“It’s a lot more work this year, but I’m really excited to learn and work with my team,” said Kulkarni.

Now, with their new roles, the members of the JV team are tackling the heavy load of work and are preparing for the upcoming competition at Miami University on December 18.