Ohio State football seeks spot in playoffs


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In the 2OT, Curtis Samuel scores the winning touchdown after Michigan’s field goal. This was after a first down conversion by Barrett that many people belive to be controversial by many, mostly Michigan fans. This added on to Ohio State’s recent vistories of winning 12 of the last 13 games.

Mark Huffer, Staff Writer

The Buckeyes defeated the University of Michigan, ending in a tight, close game. The score was 27-30 at the end of 2OT.

People believe different calls were fair and unfair. When it comes down to sports, the referees’ calls are most of the reason behind the result of the game.

The most complained-about call was whether or not the OSU fourth down conversion was a first down or not. JT Barrett carried the ball, took a hit, and bumped into his own blocker. The officials ruled the play a first down.

“The game was very close, and I think it was not a first down,” said Christensen Cochran, 10.

The OSU Buckeyes have won 12 of the last 13 games against the Michigan Wolverines. These two teams have had a rivalry reaching back to 1897.

“Michigan will win next year,” said Luke Huffer, 11.

As of Tues., Nov. 29, safety Jabrill Peppers, was named the Big Ten defensive player of the year and is chasing after the Heisman Award against Lamar Jackson and other worthy candidates.

“Peppers is going to win the Heisman,” said Gabriel David, 10.

The Big Ten offensive player of the year will be determined on November 30, with Barrett seeking the award