Mastering memorization


Terry Ekstedt

PERFORM. The orchestra shows off all of their hard work in their previous concert,the Senior Spotlight. At their upcoming concert the orchestra will play a finale with all grades that they have worked to perfect and have fully memorized.

Preparing for their winter finale, the orchestra has begun testing its student memory on the piece Rock my Bach.
“It’s stressful, but it’s definitely worth it in the end,” said Alice Lundgren, 9.
The concert will be held on December 14, starting at seven pm. From grades five through twelve, each will get to have their own performance, and to end the night with a finale to rock their socks, all grades will join together to perform the selected piece.
“I dislike having to memorize the piece, but I see the point of it, and it’s nice once we perform together as a group instead of the individual grades,” said Bailey Truitt, 11
The high school musicians began testing their skills before thanksgiving break occurred, and currently about half of the student have gotten to try and pass the grading.
“The finale is always my favorite part, so it’s worth the work that needs to be put it. I also feel like this year was easier than previous pieces,” said Audrey Simons, 9.
During the high school’s performance the wind symphony will also perform along with the string students, creating an experience to create lasting memories.
Come support the orchestra student s at their concert on December 14.