Sibling pairs battle it out for charity


Noah Patterson

In the week before the event, each sibling carries a jug to collect donations. Students decorate their jugs and write on it the name of their charity, some funny pictures, and a creative name. The group that collects the most money before Friday night gets an unspecified prize.

Jason Merkel, Staff Writer

Battle of the Sibs is an event at Sycamore High School in which groups of siblings at the high school compete for charities. The event will occur on Fr., Jan. 27 and will be entertaining to all who come.

In the week leading up to the battle, each sibling pair will collect money from students around the school. Students are asked to donate, but it is entirely optional. Each pair selects a charity for their money to be donated to.

On Friday night, in the main theater, each sibling group will compete in minute-to-win challenges such as eating, small games, and races.

“Battle of the Sibs is a fun event with great opportunities to donate to charity. While having a great time, we are also raising money for a great cause. I’m really hoping that a lot of people will come out and watch,” said Noah Patterson, 10.

He and his brother, Joshua Patterson, 12, will be participating on Friday night.