Club spinning into season


Terry Ekstedt

PERFORM. From their previous marching band season the members of color guard perform their show, Vortex. Members from the guard meet again after the fall season to help keep their flag skills. Any one is welcome to join the winter spin club, and no experience is needed.

Lindsey Brinkman, Beats Editor

The high school spin club, that is open to junior high students, is beginning to start their weekly practice every Thursday.

“It’s a great way to stay in shape for the guard season, or even for new people to learn a few new tricks. The environment is very relaxed but we still have fun,” said Lydia Cooke 10.

The clubs first practice was held on Jan 19, from six to nine pm. It is open to grades seven through twelve, and is a way to give people a taste of colorguard.

The club is also used to help the girls in the fall guard season keep up their spinning talents.

“It’s a fun activity, and not that much time commitment so overall it’s great,” said Sara Cohen,11

The group has planned to perform their recital on May 6, but that date is not a final date.

¨Spin club is nice because it helps keep the members of color guard skills intact for the following season, and is a nice way for new people to get a chance to see what color guard is, said Katherine Shi, 9.

Each member in spin club has to pay a $50 dollar fee, which is used to help cover the cost of the costumes the group uses. No experience is needed for someone to join, and overall spin club is a low commitment, that results in a high production.